No Maten al Mono is an area dedicated to making ideas come to life. A place where we excercise concepts, create projects and model them so that they acquire energy and life. No somos una instrumento de ejecución del cliente, nuestro enfoque es simple; escuchamos a nuestros clientes - y desde nuestro punto de vista- le mostramos los caminos que mejor lleven la solución de los problemas. Simplicidad activa. We work with brand names on a long term, as well as on the development of individual projects.
All of us carry a monkey within. We are born with the need for independence, the urge not to follow set lines, and the possibility of belonging, belonging to ourselves, or simply being. We never remain comfortable, we seek to create disorder, alter the chaos. We enjoy provocation. We go deeper than the rabbit's fur and aim for a project with no walls or limitations, we want all doors open to every possibility. We recruit people who chose to carry out epic searches for those things simple, essential and active, notwithstanding exhausting voyages to realize their dreams. Because we believe the essential is not only seen - it is heard, percieved and felt. We would be compensated should we return to the primeval. We lean on exploration, on going afield, on ideas being born from experimentation. The outer world beckons us, we look to reach to the edges of imagination, we enjoy living truth, and no exaggeration: we are passionately apathetic. We believe that every moment must be lived with sensitive fury, and we like to place ourselves on the opposite edge, live with our friends, partake of our energies, and even share time with our enemies. We bet on a furious search for the deeper parts of our being: the inner monkey must surface. We deny all theories but will apply them on recognition. We never abandon our ideas once they are out of their chrysalis and fluttering over the new scenario.

Long life to concept.
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